This week – Greg Quinlan on GateKeepers

Join us this week for George’s GateKeepers interview with Reverend Greg Quinlan, President of the Center for Garden State Families (CGSF).  The mission of CGSF is to protect and promote faith, freedom and the natural family in culture and public policy, as held by the traditional Christian worldview. 

Reverend Quinlan has over 35 years of lobbying and government affairs experience and has been an advocate for the natural family since 1992.  He speaks with George about the importance of representing Christian and family values in state government. 

GateKeepers schedule:
* Sunday ~ 8:40AM EST
* Monday ~ 9:40PM 
* Tuesday ~ 1:40PM
* Wednesday ~ 8:40AM
* Thursday ~ 9:40PM 
* Saturday ~ 7:40AM