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The GATE Radio Program Schedules

Midday Live with George Flores

George on air with special guests, song and prayer request calls

Weekdays 11AM – 1PM

Midday Live with George Flores

Airplay for Indies Program Schedule

Airplay for Indies showcases independent artists

Monday thru Friday:

Airplay for Indies

GateKeepers Program Schedule

Interviews with ministry leaders, authors, artists & musicians

Sunday – 8:40AM
Monday – 9:40PM
Tuesday – 1:40PM
Wednesday – 8:40AM
Thursday – 9:40PM
Friday – 1:40PM
Saturday – 7:40AM

Gate Keepers

Jammin’ with God Program Schedule

Scripture insights w/ worship leader Pete Caputo

Saturdays – 8:40AM
Friday – 12:45PM
Sundays – 7:40AM

Nightwatch Program Schedule

Music and intercession from worldwide houses of prayer

Midnight – 5AM daily