The Legends Concert – A Night To Remember

Our Broadcast Director, George Flores, was recently privileged to attend a special concert presented by the talented Chrisagas brothers.  TheLegends Concert, hosted by Gateway Church Staten Island, featured an evening of Classic Christian Contemporary Music with Dave Boyer, Farrell&Farrell, David Meece, Chuck Girard and the Chrisagas Brothers.

At 83, Dave Boyer’s vocal presence and encouragement on the stage remained just as strong as his life testimony of God’s saving grace.

Jesus Music pioneer Chuck Girard shared with concert goers about the Contemporary Christian Music scene during the Jesus movement of the 1960’s and 70’s.  His voice remains true to its Southern California rock & roll roots.

Husband-wife duo Farrell&Farrell were and still are CCM trendsetters, with their evangelistic messages regarding Christ Jesus.  Their accounts of sharing the Gospel behind the Communist iron curtain in the 1980’s was followed by exhortations to their listeners to be just as forward with the truths of Jesus in these present days.

Amazing pianist David Meece shared his Grammy and Dove award songs.  He gave a powerful personal testimony about his traumatic childhood at the hands of an abusive father.  His final thought affirmed that our Heavenly Father is NOT like the earthly father he experienced growing up.  The Lord is our Healer and is on our side.

George came away from the concert persuaded that although these legendary musicians are older, they carry an eternal message that God loves us and is worthy of our worship.