The GateKeepers Interview Program

In the Book of Nehemiah, forty-two different types of workers are named in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem; they all served His plan and His people. 

The GateKeepers Interview Program introduces many unique people who work with a heart to serve God and build His Kingdom to our audience. 

We’ve interviewed Dr. Dave Schroeder of Pillar College, Dove Award winner Nicole C. Mullen, Chosen People Ministries Director Mitch Glaser, Legacy Minded Men founder & author Joe Pelligrino, stage and screen actor Rich Swingle and many others. We would be excited to hear how you and your work are serving God’s Kingdom building plans.

For GateKeepers interview consideration please reach out to George Flores. Write to:

GateKeepers is heard Sunday at 8:40AM, Monday at 9:40PM, Tuesday at 1:40PM, Wednesday at 8:40AM, Thursday at 9:40PM, and Saturday morning at 7:40PM.