This week: Tony Loeffler on GateKeepers!

This week:  Tony Loeffler on GateKeepers!

Tony Loeffler, President of The Solid Rock Ministry, recently visited our studio, along with musicians Joey Brennan and Sammy Mojica.  

An ordained minister and musician leading a powerful work throughout the world, Tony shares on our GateKeepers program about his 40+ years of bringing the Gospel to prisoners behind bars on 4 continents.  GATE listeners can also hear Tony’s present passion for serving the Lord in Cuba.

You can tune in to Tony’s interview on our GateKeepers program this week:
    • Sunday @ 8:40AM
    • Monday @ 9:40PM
    • Tuesday @ 1:40PM
    • Wednesday @ 8:40AM 
    • Thursday @ 9:40PM 
    • Saturday @ 7:40AM  

Become a GATE Underwriter today!

Become a GATE Underwriter today!

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Dr. Mitch Glaser of Chosen People Ministries airing Wednesday over the noon hour!

Dr. Mitch Glaser of Chosen People Ministries airing Wednesday over the noon hour!

Please join us Wednesday, October 31, during the noon hour for a special interview with Dr. Mitch Glaser of Chosen People Ministries as he shares pertinent insights in light of this week’s Pittsburgh tragedy.  Mitch will be sharing with listeners about what we can do to come alongside those who are hurting, as well as how to respond to antisemitism.

October 26th Phil Keaggy tickets Giveaway

Phil Keaggy concert ticket giveaway at the GATE!

Call 844 428 3247 for a chance to win a 4-pack of tickets at 12 NOON, today–FRIDAY!

GatePraise Chapter 2

GatePraise Chapter 2

Our second live GatePraise broadcast drew an eclectic gathering of musicians, worship leaders and GATE enthusiasts.   GatePraise is a two hour program, dedicated to bringing together all things musical for the One True Lord.

This month’s guests shared their wisdom and experience during live Q&A sessions  in the studio.  Topics included addressing the challenges of working with different voices and hearts when leading church worship. Vocalist and church worship leader Lorraine Felix, along with bilingual worship leader Raun Barretto, hinted at a future topic of praise and worship in the Latino churches.

Jaye Thomas, an IHOPKC worship leader and recording artist, phoned in to share about singing and playing one’s instrument with excellence (Psalm 33:3). Special guests Pastor Raphael and Aly Giglio also called in to share about Messianic praise music.

The highlight of this weekend’s GatePraise program was the live worship set performed at the GATE.  Recording artist Duke Guillaume demonstrated his astounding saxophone skills as the worship ensemble performed “How Great is Our God.”  The team included Raun Barretto on keyboard and vocals, Christian rocker John Albino of John’s Crossing, along with fellow band member Mike Dunleavy on guitars, renowned latin percussionist Jimmy Medina, and worship leader Lorraine Felix singing lead vocals.

Special visits from GATE friend and prayer warrior Dave Ganz, and longtime friend and audio whiz Chuck Russo added to the merriment!  GATE staffers working behind the scenes included Josh Wozniak handling all things audio along with assistance from Gabby Nilla, Steven Benitez providing video, supreme multi-tasker Mary Ann Linsell handling the phone lines and hospitality needs, and Amelia Scordato assisting the staffers.  

Our very own George Flores hosted the program, providing a fun atmosphere for sharing and learning from one another.   His many years of live broadcast experience, coupled with utter reliance on the Holy Spirit encouraged all of us to continue to explore ways to give our best to the Lord in worship. 

Encouragement Corner at the GATE

Encouragement Corner at the GATE

Hebrews 10:25 …but encourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near. 

Encouragement.  Giving courage to one another.  
The writer of Hebrews tells us that all of us need this kind of bolstering.  

We recently received correspondence from one of our GATE listeners that underscored the blessing of an encouraging word.

Ed O’Connor, President of the Wheels of Ezekiel Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, took the time to write—not just once, but twice—to let us know his thoughts about the GATE…

“Thank you, thank you for your station.  
Sometimes it just breaks me down and allows the Holy Spirit to enter.  
I am at work and really needed to hear and feel the Lord’s presence.”

…and also…

“Thank you
Thank you
Thank you Lord for using your people to spread the joy of Christ.
Always love listening to the Gate.”

All of us at the GATE gladly received the spirit of encouragement that accompanied our brother Ed’s email, and were strengthened by his words to keep serving the Lord and giving Him our best.

The Legends Concert – A Night To Remember

The Legends Concert – A Night To Remember

Our Broadcast Director, George Flores, was recently privileged to attend a special concert presented by the talented Chrisagas brothers.  TheLegends Concert, hosted by Gateway Church Staten Island, featured an evening of Classic Christian Contemporary Music with Dave Boyer, Farrell&Farrell, David Meece, Chuck Girard and the Chrisagas Brothers.

At 83, Dave Boyer’s vocal presence and encouragement on the stage remained just as strong as his life testimony of God’s saving grace.

Jesus Music pioneer Chuck Girard shared with concert goers about the Contemporary Christian Music scene during the Jesus movement of the 1960’s and 70’s.  His voice remains true to its Southern California rock & roll roots.

Husband-wife duo Farrell&Farrell were and still are CCM trendsetters, with their evangelistic messages regarding Christ Jesus.  Their accounts of sharing the Gospel behind the Communist iron curtain in the 1980’s was followed by exhortations to their listeners to be just as forward with the truths of Jesus in these present days.

Amazing pianist David Meece shared his Grammy and Dove award songs.  He gave a powerful personal testimony about his traumatic childhood at the hands of an abusive father.  His final thought affirmed that our Heavenly Father is NOT like the earthly father he experienced growing up.  The Lord is our Healer and is on our side.

George came away from the concert persuaded that although these legendary musicians are older, they carry an eternal message that God loves us and is worthy of our worship.

Welcome To Our New Web Page!

Welcome To Our New Web Page!

Welcome!  We’re thrilled to be here and we’re so glad YOU’RE here, too!  Could you give a shout out to friends, family, ministries—everyone you can think of—about our new web page?  We’d love to hear your feedback—drop us a line on our Contact page.

Check back with us frequently for all the latest updates about sponsors, visitors, events, news, GateKeeper updates, new programming and more—all things GATE Radio related.  


The GateKeepers Interview Program


The GateKeepers Interview Program

In the Book of Nehemiah, forty-two different types of workers are named in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem; they all served His plan and His people. 

The GateKeepers Interview Program introduces many unique people who work with a heart to serve God and build His Kingdom to our audience. 

We’ve interviewed Dr. Dave Schroeder of Pillar College, Dove Award winner Nicole C. Mullen, Chosen People Ministries Director Mitch Glaser, Legacy Minded Men founder & author Joe Pelligrino, stage and screen actor Rich Swingle and many others. We would be excited to hear how you and your work are serving God’s Kingdom building plans.

For GateKeepers interview consideration please reach out to George Flores. Write to:

GateKeepers is heard Sunday at 8:40AM, Monday at 9:40PM, Tuesday at 1:40PM, Wednesday at 8:40AM, Thursday at 9:40PM, and Saturday morning at 7:40PM.

In the Beginning – Second Anniversary


In the Beginning – Second Anniversary

In the beginning, my loving & encouraging wife Maryann said, “When is the Gate going to be on the air?  People need to see and hear the Gate, not just the vision for ‘someday’!”

My heart knew what she meant. Her question became my prayer to our Heavenly Father more than once. But now, thank You God; we have just finished our 2nd year of continuous broadcasting internationally & here at home in the USA. I thank God, I thank you for gifts, prayers, counsel and volunteer work taking this vision from the secret prayer closet to the open internet stream for all to see and hear. Thank you team! Much love, respect & thanks to you skilled volunteers & friends! Let’s make Year Three possible! Let’s help people through TheGATE!  Matthew 7:13