A Special Christmas Message from George Flores at the GATE Radio

Posted Monday, December 24, 2018

Dear Listener,

I ain't no Grinch!
I'm not saying don't celebrate Christmas.
Rejoice in it!

As the  years pass, I've come to celebrate Christmas more as a 'D-Day' for the planet, just like when the Allied Forces invaded Western Europe to free the people during World War II.  

It was only the start.

I see Christmas as  a 'C-Day' for the planet.  Jesus Himself came, vulnerable and embracing humanity to "save us all from Satan's pow'r  when we were gone astray."

But it doesn't end there.

How I wish we would enthusiastically expend as much—effort and money, excitement and planning, joy and anticipation—into the hope of His soon return as we do for His first coming!

My prayer for us this Christmas, dear listener, is that God's Word, with the guiding of Holy Spirit, will show us how to do that.

Merry Christmas!  Maranatha!

~ George