The Week Ahead On GateKeepers - Sheldon Bangera

Posted Friday, December 21, 2018

We were recently blessed by a studio visit with Sheldon Bangera, worship leader, song-writer, music composer and producer from Mumbai, India.  He and friends Jeremy and Melissa, took time out of their busy schedule to stop at the GATE and share about Sheldon's ministry work and future plans.

Sheldon is in the USA, preparing for his upcoming 2019 tour, America On Wheels. You can hear his testimony on GateKeepers, starting this Sunday, December 23d.

Our GateKeepers Schedule:
    •    Sunday ~8:40AM
    •    Monday ~9:40PM
    •    Wednesday ~8:40AM
    •    Thursday ~9:40PM
    •    Saturday ~7:40AM

Sheldon and friends    Sheldon and George studio